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May 27, 2020

Is the Housing Market Positioned to Bring Back the Economy?

 Real estate is poised to lead our nation’s economic recovery. Here’s why.

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As the American economy goes, so does the world economy. As states start to re-open, the big question is: “Which sectors of the economy will drive its recovery?”

Robert Dietz, chief economist for the National Association of Home Builders, explained in an update last week: “As the economy begins to recover late in 2020, we expect housing to play a leading role. Housing entered the recession underbuilt not overbuilt.”

Based on demographics and current vacancy rates, the U.S. may have a housing deficit of up to 1 million units. What does this mean for Miami, Doral, and other local areas? Numbers don’t lie, emotions do. So we should focus on real facts based on data:

In April, single-family home sales fell by 31.6% year over year to 865 closings. Condo sales declined by nearly 48% to 711 closings. The median price of single-family homes increased by 7.3% to $382,000 while condo prices increased by 6.9% to $265,000. Mortgage rates are really low and are expected to remain low. They will be a key factor in driving demand as the state economy reopens.

We should focus on real facts based on data.

In conclusion, while the number of sales is down from last year, housing prices remain stable and are even growing. If you've been thinking of selling your home, now is a great time. If you’re thinking of buying, low rates make it a great time for that, too.

If you have any real estate-related questions for me, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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May 6, 2020

How Buyers & Sellers Can Take Advantage of This Market

 Though the process is different, now is a good time to buy and sell.

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Though it may come as a surprise, now is a smart time to make a home purchase. 

Even though shelter-in-place ordinances have made the home buying process more difficult, we’ve seen an uptick in home showings, and there are three reasons why:

1. People still need to move. Whether it’s due to a birth, divorce, financial hardship, or job transfer, some families need to move as quickly as possible.

2. Innovative technology. Agents across the country have become innovative in how they use technology to consult with buyers, help them view homes, and facilitate meetings with mortgage professionals. All of these things can happen within standard safety guidelines.

Many families have decided not to postpone their home purchasing plans, even in these difficult times.

3. Mortgage rates. Buyers understand that mortgage rates are a key component in calculating their monthly mortgage payment, and current rates are close to all-time lows. By buying now, they can save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their loan. Due to this, purchasing a home is different now than it was last year. 

The bottom line is that many families have decided not to postpone their home purchasing plans, even in these difficult times. 

What if you’re thinking of selling your home? There is less competition right now, so don’t wait for other sellers to come back onto the market. While some sellers are taking their homes off the market, your home has a better chance of surging to the top of buyers’ search lists. The number of listings will pick up again soon, so getting ahead of this trend might be in your best interest. 

Rest assured that agents like myself know exactly what today’s buyers need, and we can provide them with virtual tours, 3D floor plans, and top-notch listing photos of your home.  

So if you’re a buyer, remember that you can still find your dream home. If you’re a seller, you still have a great opportunity to sell for top dollar. 

As always, if you have questions about this or any real estate topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m happy to help.

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April 23, 2020

Are Worries of Another Real Estate Market Crash Overblown?

 A lot of people have been asking me if the Miami real estate market is headed for a crash, and I keep telling them no. Here are three reasons why.

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A lot of people are concerned about the Miami real estate market and what’s going on. I’m here today to set the record straight and reveal three reasons why I believe this health crisis won’t lead to a housing crisis:

1. The number of homes for sale. One of the causes of the housing crash in 2008 was an oversupply of homes for sale. Today, we have a much different picture. We have less than six months of inventory across the country, which puts us in a seller’s market. In the Miami-Dade area, we saw 962 new homes come on the market, 494 go under contract, and 544 sales in the last two weeks alone. Right now, we have strong demand with only three months of supply. We remain in a strong seller’s market.

2. Home equity. 53.8% of homes in this country have at least 50% equity. This means homeowners are much less likely to walk away from their homes right now.

With so much equity, fewer homeowners are likely to sell in the short term.

3. Low mortgage rates. When rates are low, qualified buyers can benefit tremendously, so demand remains strong. Right now is a huge opportunity for homebuyers with low rates. 

Things can change at any point, but if you have a real estate professional on your side who has been through trying times and can help you be strategic in this market, you’ll have expert guidance. It’s really important to keep in mind that if you’re looking to buy or sell, you’ll want to know the specific absorption rate for the type of property you have and the location you’re in. The more you know about the specific neighborhoods, the better your decisions will be.

If you have any questions for me about your specific market or about real estate in general, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Oct. 1, 2016

Breezy Miami Properties Set A Soothing Scene

Relax in Miami HomesMiami properties with blue skies above white sandy beaches create the perfect place for rest and relaxation. Tao Spa Miami embraces the setting and sets their own scene. Massage treatments are both soothing and revitalizing. Offering a generous list of services when patrons walk through the doors their needs are first and foremost. Certified therapists cater to individual needs. Guests coming from a Miami home will find the salon at 1000 West Avenue in the Mirador Tower in Miami Beach.

The healing art of massage has harmonized and soothed throughout generations. Skilled hands provide treatments in the styles of Swedish, neuromuscular, sports, prenatal, hot stone, and deep tissue. Added touches perfect the mood and include aromatherapy, hand and foot scrub, and scalp treatments. Body wraps and scrubs make the skin happy. Try the lavender or sugar body scrub or algae and green tea body wrap. The ancient art of reflexology restores energy to those in need of a pick me up.

Miami Home Owners Make Time To Relax

When leaving the spa Miami home owners will feel the weight off their shoulders and have a spring in their step. Gift certificates make a wonderful present for the upcoming holidays. Make an appointment with Tao Spa Miami today by calling 786.216.7200.


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Sept. 30, 2016

Foodies Living in Miami Step In The Right Direction

Great Food Served in Miami homesStep into a Miami neighborhood and feel the vibe of the food scene. Dishes area eclectic, exciting, diverse, and representative of their individual areas. Miami Culinary Tours are the experts in finding the best tasting restaurants and eateries in town. Living in Miami they know the lay of the land and offer themselves up as guides to the hungry and craving stricken. Lunch and dinner tours take guests on a walk throughout the city. Five restaurants will be visited and generous samples of tasty cuisine eaten. Experts lead the way pointing out places of interest including past movie sets in South Beach, and architectural wonders in the Art Deco District. Servings will include a variety of styles including Cuban, Latin, American and European. Eateries stopped in are well known to foodies living in Miami and vary from low key to higher end. A list of participating places is available online. Miami Culinary Tours has received a fair share of praise including consecutive number one rankings by TripAdvisor.

Miami Neighborhood Restaurants More Than Satisfy

Little Havana and the Wynwood Food and Art Tours are also worthwhile trips to take. All excursions last a bit over two hours and traverse about a mile. Resting stops are frequent and the pace well matched to the group. Miami Culinary Tours assures participants they will be well fed, “This is a food tour, we like to feed people!”. Take all of the tours to get to know the culinary scene in each Miami neighborhood intimately. Reservations may be made by calling 786.942.8856


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Sept. 30, 2016

Tour Historic Miami Homes Surrounded By Florida Wilderness

Experience History in Miami homesMiami real estate is at is primitive best at the Deering Estate at Cutler. Located along the fringes of Biscayne Bay, the land here is a vast array of Florida’s changing terrain. There is so much to do with historic Miami homes to visit and miles of nature trails to explore.

The Stone House and Richmond Cottage are vintage properties available to have a look in. Fossils that date back almost 50,000 years rest near by and are fascinating to analyze. The Deering Estate holds a cultural center as well that proudly hosts a variety of events from classical music venues to private meetings. Special events occur throughout the year. Favorites are the Summer Cabaret Concert Series, Wine of the Harvest Moon, and Tree Lighting Ceremony. Educational workshops, art exhibits and lectures round out the calendar.

Rare Butterflies Soar On Miami Real Estate

Because of the immenseness of the Miami real estate here, repeat trips are necessary to get the most out of the Deering Estate experience. There are plenty of tours available to assist guests in delving deeper into this adventurous land. Morning walks and night hikes satisfy early birds and night owls. Butterfly walks search out beautiful winged creatures that are rare including the Dingy Purplewing and Dina Yellow. Paddling excursions takes parties out on the waters to Biscayne Bay. Manatees, amazing birds and marine life are regularly spotted. Take building tours a bit further with Historic Ghost Tours. Paranormal activity has been documented in the past and brave souls can record their own sightings if they dare.

The Deering Estate At Cutler is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is a reasonable $12 for adults and $7 for children 4 to 14. Plan the a day in advance to visit or take a spur of the moment trip.


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